As many people know, ThinkPads are well known for being extremely easy to upgrade and repair. This has been true for as long as the ThinkPad has existed. However, with the release of the 40 series ThinkPads (X240, T440, etc), Lenovo has essentially thrown this reputation away. Some operations like swapping keyboards usually took all of 5-10 minutes on the older ThinkPads. With the X240, this operation takes around an hour to preform.

The process for removing the keyboard on an X240 is so intense, the YouTube video I watched on the process was over 30 minutes long! The process was quite essentially a complete teardown of the laptop: the SSD, internal battery, a speaker, and the entire motherboard had to be removed from the laptop in order to complete the process.

Lenovo, this is insane. While the process wasn’t terribly hard, it was rather time consuming. I will give Lenovo some credit, though. They actually listened to customers who had 40 series ThinkPads, and brought back the return of the traditional trackpad in the 50 series. When it comes to the repairability, though, this new design is here to stay. In fact, with the release of the X280, Lenovo has gotten even more against upgradability and usability of their laptops. The laptop still has the same internal design, now without some useful ports, such as Ethernet.

If anyone with a X240 is willing to take up the challenge of replacing the keyboard, this video is an amazing resource.

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