Today I found out that it is possible to create a domain using emoji. Since emoji is simply text, it is possible to convert the Unicode into ASCII using something called punycode. It’s extremely impractical to use on a desktop machine, but on mobile it is an interesting trick and a good way to get a decent domain when all of the nice ones are taken. :)

Before you get too excited about this, it is only possible to use emojis on a handful of different TLDs. The most notable one of them all is .ws, but many different TLDs offered by Freenom, such as .tk and .cf also work.

Here is a rough guide on how I created my own emoji domain:

  1. Go to a site, such as Emojipedia, and find a suitable emoji to use as your domain.
  2. Copy the emoji and paste it into Punycoder to turn the Emoji into punycode, or ASCII text.
  3. Register the domain on Freenom using the punycode as the domain name.
  4. Set up the domain like you would normally.

In order to access your site, simply insert your chosen emoji then type in the TLD afterwards. Your browser will convert the punycode back into unicode. For example, my domain 🐧.cf will be converted into xn–


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