Smartwatches are new technology. A rather interesting technology too, which sparked me into buying a Pebble because it reminded me of a regular watch (aka one with physical buttons instead of a touchscreen), and the fact you can easily write apps for it in JavaScript.

So this brings my first app that doesn’t run on your computer: Commander for Pebble. This app lets you control your computer using predefined commands. It can be used to launch programs like Steam’s Big Picture mode, the Kodi media center, or anything of your choosing. It essentially works as a remote letting you run predefined commands from your wrist.

This also seems to be one of my first “serious” projects as I’m actually building something someone would actually have a use for (thus making me put more effort into it.) So far it’s been a good experience for me too, as it gave me an excuse to finally abandon PHP and use Python and the Flask microframework. It’s so much nicer; it feels like a breath of fresh air compared to how bad php is! :^)

If you’re curious about the project, here’s a link to it. Feel free to install it on your Pebble and tell me what you think.

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