I recently installed a SSD in my laptop and decided I’d finally do away with Windows once and for all. It was great, and everything was going smoothly until I decided I’d like to play a few Windows-only titles. Banished happened to be one of them, however it seems to have good support on Wine (as you can see here), but I was having a hard time getting audio to work.

Here are the steps I took to install Banished on my Arch Linux x86_64 installation:

  1. Install playonlinux with your favorite package manager, along with the 32 bit versions of libpulse and openal

    pacman -S playonlinux lib32-libpulse lib32-openal

  2. Create a new 32 bit wine prefix.

  3. Install the plugins xact and d3dx9

  4. Download Steam for Windows here and run it with PlayOnLinux

  5. Install Banished like you normally would. However, when the game finishes downloading exit steam and create a shortcut to Steam.exe.

  6. Run steam and then you can play banished.

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