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Website changes

Today I made a few changes to the website on the server side. I now force SSL on the website, plus now I'm using Let's Encrypt as the SSL provider.

Here are the changes I have made today:

  • Enable Let's Encrypt
  • Force SSL on (*.)
  • Enable HTTP/2 (HTTP …

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Commander for Pebble

Smartwatches are new technology. A rather interesting technology too, which sparked me into buying a Pebble because it reminded me of a regular watch (aka one with physical buttons instead of a touchscreen), and the fact you can easily write apps for it in JavaScript.

So this brings my first …

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Running Banished on Arch Linux

I recently installed a SSD in my laptop and decided I'd finally do away with Windows once and for all. It was great, and everything was going smoothly until I decided I'd like to play a few Windows-only titles. Banished happened to be one of them, however it seems to …

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