Still alive

As I haven't done much to this site in over half a year, I figured it's about time to give it another update. As I've been busy with work and school, I've had to to take away time from updating my projects, namely Commander for Pebble and this site.

This is old news, but Pebble went out of business in December of 2016, so I've essentially moved on from developing for the wearable. Development has ceased, as you can tell from the GitHub activity. The code will remain online so someone else can manage the project, but do not expect updates from me.

Putting Commander aside, I've spent the last few days redoing the backend of this website. One big under the hood change would have to be replacing Jekyll in favor of Pelican. I've become quite fond of Python over the last year, so using a static site generator written in Ruby didn't make much sense to me. Overall, I greatly prefer using it over jekyll, as the overall design of the software is better. My website directory has never felt so clean. It's great!

I hope to start a new project for this site sometime soon, possibly along the lines of the ADSB flight tracker project of mine. I plan on using my Raspberry Pi for this, since it's a computer that consumes little power, and can be placed in a more adequate location, away from where my main server is. Time will tell what I'll do with this, but I need to find something!

I think that's all for now. I plan to keep the site up to date in the future!